Fast Acting

Solace Chew

Long Lasting


3 Great Tasting

Fast Acting

We formulated our product to have a faster nicotine release, so the nicotine sensation is stronger and more enjoyable, closely matching the feeling of using smokeless products like snus or chewing tobacco.

Flavors that Satisfy

We wanted to create a nicotine formula that provides customers with an alternative that is flavorful and enjoyable creating the best experience possible.

Enjoy anywhere

Solace is so discrete that it can be used anywhere in places like:

Boring meetings

On terrible flights

In your office

At home 

Solace Nicotine Chew

Experience the next generation of nicotine with Solace's Nicotine Chew formula. Explore our flavors.

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Nicotine, different format, but for the first time ever, more effective

Our product was engineered to give users a more immediate satisfaction and faster nicotine uptake than traditional tobacco products.